Live Life To Its Fullest

And Enjoy Your Horses


Are you a riding instructor or therapist offering a program with horses?

Most people think it's just about investing in the right horses and tack but it's the strength inside you that makes or breaks your business.

It's your ability to set boundaries, create a workable schedule, be assertive, create organization, feel competent, and present a professional business no matter what size you are that equates to success. 

Without skills in the inner game you might find yourself scrambling for enough riders to pay the bills, feeling frustrated, and even getting burnt out. I know, I've been there.

Transformational Business Coaching gives you the skills to win the inner game and have the business success you deserve.


Transformational Business Coaching

geared towards professional women (AND the horses they love).



What you discover in Transformational Business Coaching

Why you spin in your head, don't act, and stress out.

The key to the very thing you've never been able to figure out NO MATTER WHAT YOU'VE TRIED. 

Why you play small, procrastinate, feel stuck, and pretend to be someone you're not.

Why you feel lonely even if you're surrounded by people, why you've been overly responsible for everything and everyone, and why you experience the inner judgement of self-criticism.


Find out how to feel grounded and safe and powerful at a physical nervous system level. Display a 'presence' and energy that is noticeable and unforgettable by other people (and your horses too).

Accept your emotions, learn to channel the energy your emotions give you, and understand what they are trying to tell you. Learn to embrace your vulnerability and accept yourself. Open up relationships while setting better boundaries.

Begin to ACT and speak with enthusiasm, feel your value in a way that people notice, and gain the courage to be seen as your true self in your business.

Live in an expanded freedom of true self-acceptance, feel the warmth for others in the undefended heart, and allow your compassion and caring to be heard AND felt by others.