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One of the main connections with our horse is the saddle. Stress and discomfort can negatively impact interactions with our horses. If other people ride your horses this can be a big safety and liability risk.

I am passionate about building awareness for horse owners and bringing pain relief to horses.  Saddle fit is one of the first places to start making a positive change and I'm gifting you with a free gullet saddle size guide.


There are many ways to measure saddle fit and the area over the withers is the place to start. Why? Because the front of the saddle, the gullet area, directly impacts your horse's shoulder movement, how much weight the horse carries on his front feet, if he might stumble, if he could become lame, if he will be limited in turning or if your horse will have the freedom to move fluidly and with ease.



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 "I learned so much from having my horses measured and fitted properly. I knew there was something not right about the saddle I was riding my mare with. I took the information I learned and the information I knew and I am on the perfect saddle search. After learning my saddle is too narrow for my horse, I borrowed my friend's wide tree saddle and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The small white spot that had developed on her shoulder is gone. The high speed rush down the trail with a fidgeting high headed horse has become a thing of the past. Now we meander. The head drops, the lips smack, the horse is relaxed. The difference is undeniable and my friends will ride with me again. Saddle fit matters."   Dena Wollpert