Full Stride


Full Stride is about Handling Emotions Around The Barn

Mindfulness, Safety, and Horses

Keeping your attention focused, being authentic with your emotions, leading with relaxation, managing your own stress, maintaining calm awareness in the moment, knowing what to be aware of ... these are all traits that will keep you safe around horses. 

Expand YOUR comfort zone, expand your horse's comfort zone!

  • For those in the Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy Field - provide a safe, fun, and challenging equine environment for your clients
  • For those in situations requiring calmness when working with horses (vets, farriers, assistants, instructors, trainers) - get the tools to make your work easier in the barn
  • For women fulfilling a lifelong horse dream - build trust and partnership with your horse


The Full Stride course developer is a lifelong horse person, certified riding instructor, therapist, has been active in the Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy field since 1985, taught courses for two Universities, and completed ten years of safety and risk management research in the Equine Assisted Therapy industry (results published in the Brown Pony Series Book Two available on Amazon, the Scientific Journal Horses in Education and Therapy International, and in numerous Hippotherapy Magazine issues).


Come and join in! 10 CE Hours - 5 Hours pre-recorded Audio Lecture and 5 Hours of Practical Coaching Exercises, Convenient Online Format, Learn at Your Own Pace.

Full Stride is here to offer you a supportive and safe space to explore ...

Science - this course is science based and you'll learn what fear does to your body and your horse's body and why you want to avoid "punishing" fear when working with horses
Horse Psychology - activities to strengthen the connection between you and your horse to minimize fear based behaviors
Stress Management - the one thing you can do to immediately minimize the effects of fear and enable courage (hint - this works even better in the saddle) AND what you can do to lessen the fear trigger over time
Practical Advice and Experience - actually learn exercises and education in this class that are readily applicable in and out of the saddle (you'll get some of my favorite Centered Riding lessons to use)




What others are saying about Full Stride ...

"I loved the relaxing connection I made with the horses; this helped me as a therapist and an individual. Plus the horses and clients are also feeling the positive results."

"The Full Stride exercises helped me relax into myself and my surroundings including helping my horse relax. The horse felt the calming effects and the respect of the new found tools which highlighted the horse and its belonging. In my daily life I have slowed down enough to be more aware of my environment and others emotions around me. I feel a lot more confident in horse handling and myself in general. thank you!!"

"This course gets a 10 out of 10! Very impressed and very enlightening."

"I feel that this course could be a full semester course. The information is so important to preserving one's self as a therapist and tools to refuel."

"A must take continuing education for practitioners that are always giving and forget to receive renewal. It's not only for therapist that work with equine movement, it's for therapist that want to learn about self awareness and the affect on treatment and the work place. It's for therapist to learn self preservation. It's another tool in the toolbox for treatment." 

"This course makes you reflect on many aspects of horse handling, goal setting, being in the moment, and facing and reframing fears. It's so important to deal with your own discomfort so you don't bring that to your horse and therefore, the rider if you are teaching lessons. It is also so important to deal with the discomfort of the horse for the sake of horse, rider, and handler as well." 

"Full Stride guided me through reflective and hands on exercises which ultimately brought a greater understanding of the intricate relationship between horse and handler. Taking the course has reminded me how important it is to slow down and be in the moment with your favorite equine friend!"


Convenient online ready to go course format

Access anytime and anywhere

Full year to complete at your own pace


You are aware of the power of the horse .... for better and for worse.  It's a flight animal wired to escape under stress or fight if trapped. But the horse is also an animal that has gifted us with it's heart and self to assist us in growing stronger emotionally, mentally and physically. There's a difference between "in the moment" stress vs. concern about "what could happen" scenarios. The human and animal stress system did not evolve to be constantly activated and if it is, it's 100% guaranteed to cause body symptoms of stress. This is primarily an issue with cognitively sophisticated humans and secondarily an issue with our horses because they are constantly "reading" their herd (which we are a part of). Here's some basic research information on stress ...

  • If you feel you have no control over a situation, your stress level increases.
  • If you feel like you have no outlets for external stress or no social support for it, then your stress level increases.
  • If you feel there is no predictability for stress, your stress level increases.
  • But if you feel you are supported, in a safe space, and are given some insights into predictability, then your more likely to enjoy a challenge.




Learn more in FULL STRIDE - To expand your comfort zone and expand your horses comfort zone. This is a personal stress management course emphasizing safety and practical problem solving around the barn.

Course Presenter: Rebecca Cook OTR, HPCS, LMT and PATH Riding and Driving Instructor and Equine Specialist In Mental Health and Learning, Centered Riding Instructor.

The course is pre-recorded from a live event and contains a total of 5 hours broken into weekly audio learning sessions and 5 hours of coaching using personal learning exercises plus a private Facebook Group Q&A area. It is designed as a self-paced course that is ready to go when you are and you have a full year of course access to complete the lessons.

The audio sections include:

Introductory Session - Miracle In The Saddle

Full Stride Week 1 - Name It (empowered through awareness)

Full Stride Week 2 - Frame It (become a details detective)

Full Stride Week 3 - Tame It (creating and filling your toolbox)

Full Stride Week 4 - Claim It (Integrate it by building positive habits)

At the end of the course you will be issued a Certificate of Completion that can be used for continuing education or as a personal accomplishment. Please complete all areas of your course, including the weekly checklists, to be eligible to receive your Certificate of Completion. The certificate will be issued for 10 course hours.*

*For those with PATH Intl. certifications, you can use 6 hours of learning about human and horse stress management and facilitating the relaxation response plus 4 hours of coaching to apply the learning exercises OR for the those who are certified in as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning - 4 hours as learning on human and equine structure and function and stress management, 4 hours of coaching to apply the course learning strategies plus 2 hours of the CORE requirement for Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning as related to the equine stress response and equine stress management.


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Join me in this innovative course and we will focus on creating fun while exploring fear, courage, and safety around horses.  Bottom line, we are drawn to horses but we can't risk getting hurt because people count on us to be there.

How do we stay safe? And how do we keep our horse's feeling safe so they don't initiate the flight/fight response?

Discover how to manage stress AND balance the risks-rewards continuum to stay safe and have fun with your horse!  

10 CE Hours: Course coaching, instruction and personal lesson "homework" run over an Introductory section along with a 4-week structure that you can take at your own pace. You receive a one-hour teaching recording each lesson, an outline of the recording, actionable steps to take during the following week, plus questions and answers and support during your program are directed through the Full Stride private Facebook group. Each week expect at least 5 tips, exercises, or checklists to apply for stress management and building your relationship with your horse.  By the end of the course, you will have 20 tools in your FULL STRIDE tool box to expand your and your horse's comfort zone.  Plus you receive priceless insight into your horse and how he "ticks."   

 SAVE! WAS $397, Now $97.

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