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3 Month Wholistic Wellness Coaching Package

Nagging aches and pains, self-doubt, burn out ... how often have you really stopped to listen to your body.  The more you ignore the signals, the stronger they become until one day you wake up in a cycle of chronic pain. 
Set yourself up for a breakthrough!  Cut to the core of these problems while being supported along your journey! 
Your coaching package includes: 
  • biweekly energy work sessions that include the Body Code(TM) and Emotion Code(TM), goal setting for 3 months (individualized to your particular needs), plus 2 additional personal pain relief sessions. You are committing to completing eight 30-minute 1:1 sessions and assigned homework throughout the 3 months of the coaching period
  • we'll delve into exploration on topics of success, happiness, taming the inner critic, finding your inner genius
  • you'll get a customized natural botanical essential oil blend recipe formulated from a certified aromatherapist to support your ongoing stress and pain relief at home (the actual product will be sent to USA residents in lower 48 states)

575.00 USD

Saddle Fit Simplified Short Course

Be an educated consumer. Learn the bare essentials of saddle fit fast. Western or English. Measure your saddle. Measure your horse. Combine your saddle and horse measurements. Three easy steps. Learn to check your own saddle fit in about an hour. This is a quick, easy to apply, shortened version of the Saddle Fit Simplified course. Complete with step-by-step instructions, an eBook guide and video tutorials.

50.00 USD

Saddle Fit Simplified for Professionals

This course is for people with hard to fit horses, equine professionals, or horse lovers aiming to learn everything about horses. Step-by-Step System to evaluate saddle fit and help horses feel comfortable. Handouts to download and video tutorials. Six organized modules give you types of saddle soreness, checklist of saddle soundness, how to measure your saddle and your horse, how to compare measurements for saddle fit, when to use saddle pads to adjust fit, and a 5-minute horse massage routine to ease saddle soreness. 10 CE hour course certificate, Western or English, learn to match your horse to a saddle in a simplified easy-to-understand online format. Take the course at your own pace and refer back to it over and over for a full year!

BONUS: FREE access to the shortened version of Saddle Fit Simplified with your full course purchase allowing you to quickly review and access the key points of the Saddle Fit Simplified method.

97.00 USD

Full Stride

Save - Reg. $397, Now $97. Mindfulness, Safety, and Horses. Keeping your attention focused, being authentic with your emotions, leading with relaxation, managing your own stress, maintaining calm awareness in the moment, knowing what to be aware of ... these are all traits that will keep you safe around horses. AND helping you develop these traits is the focus of Full Stride. 10 CE hours, self-paced to complete in your own timeframe, immediate access with a full year to review the materials.

97.00 USD

Courage, Risks and Rewards Coaching Program

In this coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards. You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This training will open new doors to exciting opportunities!

97.00 USD

Defeating Self Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential

The Rebel Within : Defeating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential

This information-packed program, will open your eyes to your sabotaging thoughts and actions and show you…

  • How to immediately identify your Inner Critic whenever it speaks.
  • 4 sneaky tricks your saboteur uses on you,  and how to outsmart it.
  • The top obstacles standing between the life you have and the life you want.
  • How to call in your reinforcements when you are being bombarded by those sabotaging voices.
  • A simple 3-step method to reclaiming control of your life.
  • How to actually gain inspiration from your doubt, fear & anxiety.
  • And much, much more.

97.00 USD

Genius Within

The Genius Within is your golden ticket to finding your genius zone and utilizing your unique talents to bring you greater success, recognition, financial success, HAPPINESS, and FULFILLMENT.

Specifically, this program is broken down into several important sections:

  • What the term ‘talent’ means and how your talents dramatically impact your daily life.
  • What gets in the way of you expressing your talents, and what shift in perspective you will need in order to avoid this from happening.
  • What your talents are and how to recognize them in action.
  • How you feel and what you experience when your talents are being honored.

97.00 USD

Happy Trails Coaching Program

Happy Trails! – The Wondrous Search For Happiness & Where To Find It, you’ll discover the natural negative impulses that keep your happiness hidden, and how to reverse the downward spiral. And you get to discover your path to happiness all from the convenience of your home or office, on a time schedule that makes YOU happy!

97.00 USD

Taming The Inner Critic : The Power of Possible Thinking

The Rebel Within : Taming The Inner Critic: The Power of Possible Thinking

Enlightening audio downloads are loaded with valuable insights that you can start using right away to eliminate negativity from your life and cultivate a lot more positive outcomes, both internally and externally ...

  • The 7 forms your critic can take, and how to spot them right away
  • How to stop your critic from sabotaging your dreams
  • Helpful tips to stop procrastination and reduce your anxiety
  • How to cultivate a more optimistic attitude (it’s NOT what you think)
  • The most common symptoms of self-sabotage
  • How to turn your biggest enemy into your best ally
  • A simple 5-step process to quiet the critic within…ANY time.

97.00 USD

Individual Coaching Session

If you want to consult with Rebecca on horses or therapy, if you want to experience what an energy clearing coaching session is like, OR if you want to add sessions onto your Wellness Coaching Package, this is the product you're looking for.

This is for one 30-minute session over the phone, Skype, Facebook Messaging or via email, whichever format is best for you. After purchasing your session, please use the online calendar to schedule your time and date. Other times/days may be available upon request, simply email me at

75.00 USD