Rebecca Cook


Rebecca Cook

Thanks for stopping by, I'm happy to introduce myself to you! Family and friends call me Rebecca or Becky.

I'm a holistic occupational therapist and was in private practice for 20 years offering Hippotherapy (therapy with the help of horses). As a lifelong horse lover and equine professional, I still teach mind-body riding lessons and have some amazing equine learning courses for you here.

I love animals and living a simple natural life with organic foods and essential oils. I've had a lot of life experiences including teaching a business course for therapists at Western Michigan University, having my research published by AOTA press, and I've authored a number of books that are on Amazon (Brown Pony Series).

Now, in the "second half" of my career life, I am focusing on transformational coaching for talented, caring and highly competent professional women who secretly struggle with stress and unwanted self-sabotage and who desire the confidence to live unapologetically from their authentic self.

I'm currently in the middle of writing a book about my own personal experience growing up with a hidden disability (sensory sensitivities and sensory processing disorder) and the gifts and challenges (the negative coping strategies I have overcome). This has offered me a compassionate way of understanding the women I coach when we delve into the intricacies of self (self-awareness, self-confidence, self-acceptance).

Psst: I'll share a secret with you ... because of my sensory issues, riding horses did not come naturally to me ... I had to work very hard to overcome balance and fear issues but I did it! And because I did I have so much to offer you whether you're considering mindfulness in the barn with Full Stride, or wondering how comfort is connected to safety with Saddle Fit Simplified, or pondering how coaching can help you move from judging yourself or secretly struggling with stress when you are so ready to shine with self-confidence! I'd be honored if you allowed me to share in a part of your journey with you!