Saddle Fit Simplified

Saddle Fit Simplified is an online self-study course to help you learn how to understand saddle fit.

This course is for ...

  • horse lovers who want to help their horse be comfortable
  • riders who are concerned about safety
  • equine professionals who need to know about saddle fit but don't have the time to sort through all the material (those who work in tack shops, vets, trainers, instructors, massage therapists, equine bodyworkers)


This is NOT a Saddle Fitters Course, Everyone Should Know How to Evaluate Their Own Horses Saddle Fit 


Sign up today! Good Saddle Fit is like having Safety Insurance.

And education is there for a lifetime, an investment in your horse and you (and your business if you are an instructor.)




Be an educated consumer. What can you live with, what can't you live with?

It's heart breaking when something is not working out ... You wonder if your horse needs training or vet care ... You wonder if your need a different horse or if you should throw in the towel on your dream.

Deep down you know your horse isn't "bad" and you don't want to give up on your horse.  You know the solution isn't what you've been told.  And maybe you have this inner doubt, a niggling that something isn't right and maybe you're blaming yourself. 


 What if the solution was as simple as saddle fit?

What is the #1 reason people don't look into saddle fit?  FEAR!

  • Fear that saddle fit is too difficult to learn.
  • Fear they'll find their saddle isn't a good fit.
  • Fear that it will be too expensive to find a good fitting saddle.
  • Fear a different saddle won't be any better than the saddle they have.
  • Fear it's too time consuming to learn saddle fit.
  • Fear about getting the wrong recommendation.

FEAR leads to avoidance ... avoiding looking into your saddle fit. But you end up avoiding a way to help your horse. It's really time to ditch the fear!


Safety and Confidence with Saddle Fit Simplified. 





Maybe you're like me and have felt let-down by the saddle fitting industry. There's so many secrets. Saddle fit is too complex and confusing. There's so many different opinions. Maybe you've had a professional out to fit your saddle but your horse is still stumbling or continues to have back pain. Or maybe you've experienced a store rep that sells only a certain brand of saddle to everyone. 

There is a SOLUTION to the problem ... a solution that takes out the fear and allows you to know what's wrong, that applies to all treed saddles, and that will help you stop the blame game.

It can be a SIMPLE fix ...  I will teach you how to easily and quickly evaluate your own saddle fit using the Saddle Fit Simplified system and apply it to a saddle, whether it's new or used!  In the Saddle Fit Simplified system you'll learn how to use saddle pads to help saddle fit, and when you have a good fitting saddle, you'll learn how to help release the pain and tension in your horse from old saddle fitting issues.

You know saddle fit is important. A saddle that fits comfortably builds trust and confidence, performance and health. The costs of an ill-fitting saddle are horse lameness, vet and chiropractic bills, pain behavior misidentified as a training problem, increased costs of training, fear of riding, liability issues when sharing your horse with others, loss of riding time, and stress build up for you.  Saddle misfit costs you money and it strains your relationship with your horse. 


A saddle is the interface between the horse and the rider - the saddle is the place the rider connects with and influences the horse.


Saddle Fit Simplified is entirely based on three very simple principles: 

1) a saddle needs to match the anatomy of the horse as close as possible

2) a saddle should not interfere with the anatomy of the horse

3) saddle padding provides approximately one-inch of cushion to relieve pressure points and accommodate the horse's movement under the saddle


Matching Horse and Saddle

One simple way to match horse and saddle is through gullet measurements. The gullet is the opening at the front of the saddle that helps the saddle clear the withers of your horse. The saddle should never sit on any part of the spinal bones, it is intended to sit on the muscles on each side of the spine. Each saddle has a size - narrow, medium, wide etc. and every horse has a size too - narrow, medium, wide etc.

When you put a narrow saddle on a wide horse it's like trying to wear shoes 2 sizes too small for your feet, it pinches. What are the signs of too narrow a saddle? A saddle that is high at the front and low at the cantle, a saddle that you can't comfortably slide your hand under at the shoulder area, and a saddle that puts the rider in a chair seat.

When you put a wide saddle on a narrow horse it's like trying to wear shoes that are several sizes too large for your feet, it loosely sloshes around. What are the signs of too wide a saddle? A saddle that sits on the horse's withers in the front, a saddle that is low in the front and high in the rear, and a saddle that slips off to one side. If the saddle is too wide, the rider feels like there is no support in front of them so they compensate by pushing their lower leg forward ... this creates stiffness in stops and the lack of support in the front can create instability and fear in jumping.


How do you know what is meant by narrow, medium, or wide? 


Take out the guesswork and learn how to evaluate saddle fit for yourself in a simplified easy-to-understand system. 

There are a lot of articles and videos on saddle fitting and you can simply get help from the tack store ... so why take the time to read this? Because there is nothing else out there that simplifies saddle fit to make it easy to understand for you. You won't have to rely on others after learning the information in Saddle Fit Simplified. The foundation of saddle fit has really been made as simple as 1+1=2. 

  • Maybe you want to buy a used saddle and there isn't a tack dealer to help.
  • Maybe you have multiple horses and want to know which saddle fits which horse.
  • Maybe you simply love horses and want to learn everything you can about them.

Learn the inside scoop! In this course you get ... a saddle buying checklist with specific questions to ask a seller, step-by-step directions with video tutorials on how to measure your saddle and your horse, actionable ideas and resources for saddle pad solutions to help solve problems in saddle fit, handouts and examples to match horses and saddles, along with research based insights and practical "take aways" on saddle pads and saddles.  


Stop Guessing, Be Safe, and Learn to Evaluate Your Own Saddle Fit. 


Saddle Fit does not have to be a mystery.



Saddle Fit Simplified is a convenient online ready-to-go course with immediate access and a full year to review the nuts and bolts of evaluating saddle fit for your horse, english or western style.

Saddle fit is stress management for you and your horse! Avoid ... vet bills, injury to you, liability issues, excess training costs, loss of riding time, lack of performance.  Invest in partnership with your horse, train for better movement, get better endurance, and notice improved agility and performance from your horse. 


Saddle fit matters most when ...

  • Your horse will be ridden in the saddle more than 15 minutes
  • Your ride includes speeds faster than the walk or you ride on uneven ground
  • You are an average person and you ride a smaller horse
  • You are still working to find your balance in the saddle
  • Your weight BMI puts you in the overweight (or higher) category
  • Your horse is sensitive or reactive in general
  • Your horse is showing physical or behavioral signs of saddle fit problems


riding with friend


You probably already know saddle fit is important but how do you sift through all the information and measurements? Take out the guesswork with Saddle Fit Simplified! Learn to evaluate saddle fit for yourself!

The course was designed for you if you are ...

  •  a horse owner wanting a scientific way to match a horse and a saddle
  •  an instructor or tack store employee & want to help your clients and their horses
  •  purchasing a new horse or trying a new discipline that requires a different saddle
  •  considering a horse career or love learning everything you can about horses


Saddle Fit Simplified is not just "what" to do, but it's "how" and "why" to do it too.


Improve performance.

Decrease lameness and vet bills.

Increase your safety while riding.

And most importantly, be a friend to your horse. 


This is an immediate access course that teaches you how to evaluate saddle fit with a self-paced learning style offering six easy lessons that cover how to evaluate treed saddles, discover your own horse and saddle's size, explore how to buy a saddle online, and apply three exercises to massage sore spots on your horse. Plus More! Check it out, the course is for both the layman and the equine professional!




Girl and Horse


Not every horse owner requires the services of a professional saddle fitter (however you will appreciate them even more after taking the course), but every rider does need to know how to evaluate saddle fit ...  moving away during tacking up, nipping or stomping during grooming, bucking, spookiness, subtle lameness and stumbling can be corrected with proper saddle fit.  Learn to read "horse communication" so you can tell if your horse's saddle is not comfortable just by his body language and behavior.

Many people rely on an employee at a store that sells saddles to help them with saddle fit or a saddle company representative. The Saddle Fit Simplified course will help you learn the nine points of saddle fitting so you can effectively evaluate saddle fit and partner with a saddle seller to ensure you get a correct saddle by providing clear details on your horse's measurements.



  • Determine if your saddle fits your horse.
  • Learn what measurements to provide to a saddle shop or online seller to help with a successful purchase.
  • Gain the expertise to be a knowledgeable consumer when working with a professional saddle fitter.
  • Discover what conformation traits can create saddle fitting issues in horses (great for those purchasing a new horse).
  • Problem solve how to use saddle pads to correct saddle fit and how to determine the correct girth or cinch size for your horse.
  • Bonus Reward - Earn a 10-hour education certificate at the completion of the course tutorials (you won't be graded and there are no tests)


6 easy steps to learn saddle fit in your own timeframe! 


Sign up today! Build a relationship of trust and safety with your horse by removing pain from poor saddle fit.


6-module online course with lessons that you can take at your own pace to investigate ...

  • What signs determine if your saddle is fitting properly

  • Steps to evaluate a saddle for soundness

  • What tools you need to measure your horse for proper saddle fit (hint: they are available at any office supply store)

  • Easy step-by-step method to measure your horse and your English or Western saddles

  • Checklist of questions to ask an eBay or other online seller to determine if a saddle will fit

  • How to "fix" saddle and girth soreness in your horse


rider closeup 


"I learned so much from having my horses measured and fitted properly. I knew there was something not right about the saddle I was riding my mare with. I took the information I learned and the information I knew and I am on the perfect saddle search. After learning my saddle is too narrow for my horse, I borrowed my friend's wide tree saddle and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The small white spot that had developed on her shoulder is gone. The high speed rush down the trail with a fidgeting high headed horse has become a thing of the past. Now we meander. The head drops, the lips smack, the horse is relaxed. The difference is undeniable and my friends will ride with me again. Saddle fit matters."   Dena Wollpert


Saddle Fit Simplified consists of video tutorials, step-by-step instruction sheets, the Saddle Fit Simplified eBook and ongoing support to help you learn how to evaluate saddle fit.  

"Imagine if you had to wear ill fitting shoes and walk for miles? Becky is a miracle worker."   SAM


Saddles are intended to displace the pounds per square inch of pressure from a riders weight over a larger surface area.  Good saddle fit prevents tissue damage in the horse and creates comfort, safety, and stability for the rider.

"It was great learning from you, Becky. I knew a lot about saddle fit, but your Saddle Fit Simplified provided more details and solutions. I'm excited to use the process on all of my horses to perfect our saddle fit and their comfort. Thank you!!"   Andrea Chirich, Centered Riding Instructor


 There are four horse personality types when it comes to ill-fitting saddles. Horses 1 and 2 keep their emotions and pain directed inward - Horse type 1 is the sweet compliant horse that goes lame with bad saddle fit and Horse type 2 is the sullen stiff horse that holds everything inside with a poor fitting saddle until he can't hold it in anymore and blows a gasket "supposedly out of no where." Horses 3 and 4 give outward expression to the emotions and pain associated with an ill-fitting saddle - Horse type 3 goes more towards flight by spooking, jigging etc and Horse type 4 goes towards fight by bucking, rearing, etc. What are the costs of poor saddle fit with these types of horses?

  • Horse type 1 requires vet care
  • Horse type 2 will hurt someone
  • Horse type 3 will be sent to a trainer
  • Horse type 4 will most likely be sold

Those are the hidden costs of saddle fit problems!


 "Saddle Fit Simplified is really simple. Readers Digest Condensed version = you measure points on your saddle, you measure points on your horse and compare. One horse needs a longer girth and no half pad [which we were using]. The other horse must have a half pad and a thicker saddle pad. Not only did I learn how to do the math for a good fit, but I also learned how to test a saddle for good structure. I've had a few hours to digest what I Iearned today and feel empowered and confident. Really worth my time and money."  Sally McAlinden


Western Horse





I want ... confidence in my saddle. 

I want ... saddle shopping to be easier.

I want ... more success when riding my horse.

I want ... to save money on training and vet bills.

I want ... a happy horse to live my dream!

I want ... the freedom to know how to "do it myself."


Saddle Fit Simplified can help you! 


Safety, Comfort, Pain Relief, Peace of Mind $397

Get the Full Saddle Fit Simplified System Today






What you won't find in this course ...

You won't find a bias towards any particular type of saddle - I have found that all types of saddles serve the purposes of certain riders and certain horses; I own western and english saddles, treed and treeless saddles, and flocked and foam saddles.

You won't find complex diagrams on saddle trees or interior exploded views of saddles - This isn't a course on how-to become a saddle maker; it is an introductory course that simplifies saddle fit principles into practical easy-to-understand steps that you can readily apply immediately after completing each course lesson.

You won't find advertisements for certain saddle brands - I am not a saddle fitting representative for a particular brand of saddle and I'm equally supportive of your decision to purchase a new or used saddle in the brand of your choice at your particular price point.  My main concern is that the saddle you choose is sound and a good fit for your horse.

You won't find do-it-yourself instructions on how to flock a saddle - Certain english saddles are cushioned with foam and others are stuffed with wool. A wool flocked saddle adjusts to an individual horse and gets compressed and lumpy over time requiring reflocking periodically (every 6 months to a year). Reflocking is a very specialized service that requires a skilled expert and can occur by spot flocking (adding or reducing wool to an intact saddle) all the way to removing the panels of the saddle and reworking or replacing the wool. Teaching flocking is beyond the scope and focus of this course. However after the course you will be able to judge whether an english saddle needs to be reflocked, and if the saddle flocking was done well and fits your horse.


A quick roadmap of what's in your six-step course ...

          S = Successfully Identify Saddle Soreness in Your Horse Without Having to Call a Vet

          A = Analyze the Saddle with a Step-by-Step Checklist

          D = Directions to Measure Your Horse

          D = Discover if Horse and Saddle Match

          L = Learn all about Saddle Pads

          E = Easy and Enjoyable Tension Relief Exercises to Offer Your Horse


horse kiss


mag glass MODULE ONE - Successfully Identify Saddle Soreness in a Horse Without Calling a Vet

How to determine if a horse has a saddle fitting problem and what other problems mimic saddle fit problems. Learn how to determine if your horse's conformation will create an issue with saddle fit.

check MODULE TWO - Analyze the Saddle with a Step-By-Step Checklist

Checklist of what to look for in a saddle (new or used). How to test a saddle for a broken tree (a broken tree makes a saddle useless). Step-by-step directions to measure your saddle.  Here's a sample video checking the saddle channel and flocking of an english saddle.

pencilMODULE THREE - Directions to Measure Your Horse

List of simple low-cost tools (under $20) you will need to measure your horse for saddle fit. Step-by-step directions on how to measure your horse.

gearsMODULE FOUR - Discover if Horse and Saddle Match

Bringing the measurements together to match horse and saddle. Purchasing a new or used saddle without your horse present? What you want to know to get the best possible saddle fit.  Here's a sample video applying horse measurements from the flexible curve to the saddle.

starMODULE FIVE - Learn all about Saddle Pads

Research on types of saddle pads and how they can hinder or help saddle fit.  Girths and Cinches, what size does your horse need?

heartMODULE SIX - Easy and Enjoyable Tension Relief Exercises for Your Horse

Prevent saddle soreness in your horse with three quick and easy proactive pain relief exercises that will keep your horse's back happy and sound.



Equine Professionals can Learn Saddle Fit and Earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Safety and Saddle Fit go hand in hand.




Register today for your self-paced ONLINE Saddle Fit Simplified course; give your horse the gift of trust, freedom in movement and a happy back!  Unlimited access to your course materials, learn in your own time frame and review over and over as much as you need.  

trail ride


 Today is the day to invest in happiness for you and your horse. PLUS - Receive a certificate of completion for 10 Continuing Education Hours when you finish this Saddle Fit Simplified course. Your instructor in Saddle Fit Simplified has been a certified PATH International Riding Instructor for over 20 years and is also certified as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning.