EFT Goal Trauma Course


Special Coronavirus Pricing 

It's time to look forward and set goals again. Clear the discouragement, disappointment, helplessness and stress triggered by the coronavirus pandemic to reach your future goals with greater Energy and Ease.

Regular Price $247, Limited Time Coronavirus Special $47

Live 3-week Group Course Begins September 14, 2020


 You know you're supposed to be working towards a particular goal or task but you just can't find the energy, your mind is wandering, your heart isn't into it. That's the resistance that clues you in there is a goal trauma looming under the surface.

Many things have been cancelled due to the coronavirus situation. Dream vacations, lost work, weddings, funerals, holidays, and more. Goal Trauma is formed when you were really looking forward to something, you put your heart and soul into it, you really desired it and it didn't happen or it failed. That situation caused you to lose trust in yourself, in the world, in God, in other people.

It's now time to plan and move forward with your financial goals, business goals, health goals or personal goals, and this course will help you honor yourself, overcome your resistance and get your energy working for you instead of against you.

  • Recognize your own pattern of resistance to prevent it from taking over
  • Discover how to honor your unique situation and the trauma you've experienced
  • Complete three guided exercises to release the self-judgement, emotions and feelings of failure resulting from your personal goal traumas
  • Learn a tool that you can use to take action on all of your future goals

Goal trauma saps your energy, makes every step of the work harder and creates self-sabotage. Who would have thought that a goal as simple as planning a trip to the grocery store would have so much risk associated with it? It is easy to see how goal traumas create emotions such as fear, hopelessness, grief, shock, confusion, anger, resentment, discouragement, and humiliation that impacts the body on the nervous system level.

This Goal Trauma course will help you clear the resistance and draining emotions so you can successfully reach your goals with greater energy and ease and you're invited to join us today!

What others say about this course:

Brenda says, “Becky, I honestly was surprised as to what my subconscious was continuing to hold onto. I have been on this healing journey with The Body Code and Emotion Code for at least a decade. The trauma issues that you uncovered, really surprised me.”

Erin says, “I found the combination of the different techniques that Becky uses to dig down, identify and then most importantly: to release the trauma that has been in my way for most of my Life, to be very, very beneficial.”



Your teacher is Rebecca Cook. Becky is a licensed Occupational Therapist, a trained Transformational Coach, and is certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique.