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  • Are you a highly sensitive person who wants a sensitive and understanding approach to reduce overwhelm?
  • Do you want to get to the root of problems?
  • Do you prefer natural innovative science-based solutions?



Professional stress and pain relief options

geared towards women AND the animals they love.


Stress causes health problems, it's well documented in science. What we think about how we feel and how we feel about what we think causes unneeded stress for modern women. Thoughts and emotions have a physical piece in our body and an energetic piece. Thought and emotion energy from past memories can get trapped in your body. The mind tries to bury overwhelming or negative past memories making it difficult to consciously move forward towards your desires and dreams. Your health and wellness is held hostage and it's not for lack of trying to get better.

But life can be easier. I can help you tap into the brilliance of your subconscious mind and solve problems with specific answers directed uniquely to you. You don't have to do it by yourself. I can help you discover happiness, overcome your inner critic, and get to the root of pain. Is this the year you say "yes" to yourself?



"I struggled with social anxiety, and a reluntctant feeling of leaving my house. After having the Emotion and Body Code releases done, I have stopped my hand fidgeting, and can leave my house anxiety free. I found the blockages that had occurred at various times of my life were spot on. It was a an amazing and relieving experience."       Thankfully Relieved, L. D.


“I was recently feeling a lot of anger and I didn’t even know why. Becky did the Body Code work on me and an inherited emotion of ‘Peeved’ came up from my father’s side. It was strong and took a couple of times to release and I can’t say it was immediate, I’m not good at paying attention, but later that weekend I noticed my extreme anger was gone. It was gone, just like that. What a relief to get rid of that.”   Tami


"I had 2 sessions to work on jaw clenching and released several fear type emotions. A few days later I went to ride my horse and noticed I had a deeper seat without any effort. It was truly amazing. The tension in our body is so connected. My horse was quite happy with my new relaxation!"   Riding with Relaxation 



For those of you who are horse lovers like me ... 

One of the main connections with our horse is the saddle. Stress and discomfort can negatively impact our interactions with horses. Saddle fit is one of the first places to start making a positive change.

  • Prevent pain with proper saddle fit.
  • Increase safety and partnership with your horse.
  • Get a head start on decreasing stress by simply signing up below for your Free Guide to Horse and Saddle Gullet Sizes.



 "I learned so much from having my horses measured and fitted properly. I knew there was something not right about the saddle I was riding my mare with. I took the information I learned and the information I knew and I am on the perfect saddle search. After learning my saddle is too narrow for my horse, I borrowed my friend's wide tree saddle and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The small white spot that had developed on her shoulder is gone. The high speed rush down the trail with a fidgeting high headed horse has become a thing of the past. Now we meander. The head drops, the lips smack, the horse is relaxed. The difference is undeniable and my friends will ride with me again. Saddle fit matters."   Dena Wollpert