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3-Month Business Success Coaching Package

Who: Those wanting to run a successful professional horse business in three months
What: We'll cover budgeting, horse selection, business forms samples, innovative lesson planning ideas, safety and liability considerations, marketing, and successful business mindset.
How: 8 coaching sessions with practical action oriented goal deadlines, ready-to-use checklists, coaching on developing a successful money making mindset, sample business forms, risks and rewards, marketing language and three months of email access for Q&A.
This business coaching success package provides the structure you've been waiting for along with the personal growth needed to run a successful business, to pay yourself well, and to have fun doing it!

1500.00 USD

Saddle Fit Simplified Short Course

Be an educated consumer. Learn the bare essentials of saddle fit fast. Western or English. Measure your saddle. Measure your horse. Combine your saddle and horse measurements. Three easy steps. Learn to check your own saddle fit in about an hour. This is a quick, easy to apply, shortened and simplified version of the Saddle Fit Simplified course. Complete with step-by-step instructions, an eBook guide and video tutorials.

197.00 USD

Saddle Fit Simplified

This course is for people who care about their horse and want a relationship based on fun and safety. Poor saddle fit causes pain and stress on a horse. Saddle Fit Simplified is a Step-by-Step System that helps you learn to evaluate saddle fit so your horse can feel comfortable. You get downloadable handouts and video tutorials. Six organized modules give you types of saddle soreness, checklist of saddle soundness, how to measure your saddle and your horse, how to compare measurements for saddle fit, when to use saddle pads to adjust fit, and a 5-minute horse massage routine to ease saddle soreness.

10 CE hour course certificate is available at course completion. Western or English, learn to match your horse to a saddle in a simplified easy-to-understand online format.

397.00 USD

Full Stride

Reg. $397 SAVE $300 and Buy TODAY For $97

Mindfulness, Safety, and Horses. Keeping your attention focused, being authentic with your emotions, leading with relaxation, managing your own stress, maintaining calm awareness in the moment, knowing what to be aware of ... these are all traits that will keep you safe around horses. AND helping you develop these traits is the focus of Full Stride. 10 CE hours, self-paced to complete on your own with immediate access.

97.00 USD

Happy Trails Home Study

Happy Trails! – The Wondrous Search For Happiness & Where To Find It, you’ll discover the natural negative impulses that keep your happiness hidden, and how to reverse the downward spiral. And you get to discover your path to happiness all from the convenience of your home or office, on a time schedule that makes YOU happy!

97.00 USD