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- Saddle Fit Simplified for Professionals

This course is for people with hard to fit horses, equine professionals, or horse lovers aiming to learn everything about horses. Step-by-Step System to evaluate saddle fit and help horses feel comfortable. Handouts to download and video tutorials. Six organized modules give you types of saddle soreness, checklist of saddle soundness, how to measure your saddle and your horse, how to compare measurements for saddle fit, when to use saddle pads to adjust fit, and a 5-minute horse massage routine to ease saddle soreness. 10 CE hour course certificate, Western or English, learn to match your horse to a saddle in a simplified easy-to-understand online format. Take the course at your own pace and refer back to it over and over for a full year!

BONUS: FREE access to the shortened version of Saddle Fit Simplified with your full course purchase allowing you to quickly review and access the key points of the Saddle Fit Simplified method.

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