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- 3 Month Wholistic Wellness Coaching Package
Nagging aches and pains, self-doubt, burn out ... how often have you really stopped to listen to your body.  The more you ignore the signals, the stronger they become until one day you wake up in a cycle of chronic pain. 
Set yourself up for a breakthrough!  Cut to the core of these problems while being supported along your journey! 
Your coaching package includes: 
  • biweekly energy work sessions that include the Body Code(TM) and Emotion Code(TM), goal setting for 3 months (individualized to your particular needs), plus 2 additional personal pain relief sessions. You are committing to completing eight 30-minute 1:1 sessions and assigned homework throughout the 3 months of the coaching period
  • we'll delve into exploration on topics of success, happiness, taming the inner critic, finding your inner genius
  • you'll get a customized natural botanical essential oil blend recipe formulated from a certified aromatherapist to support your ongoing stress and pain relief at home (the actual product will be sent to USA residents in lower 48 states)
575.00 USD

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